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Beastmaster Myth by Richard A. Knaak and Sylvio Tabet

“Well-written, adventure-filled, action-packed!”
-New York Times bestselling author Margaret Weis

“A fresh, dramatic, and thrilling tale of high fantasy adventure
that will intrigue and enlighten all the legions of this epic hero’s
fans, and will undoubtedly bring many new fans into the fold.”
-Bestselling author Doug Niles


In an epic journey across the mystical lands of Ancor, a lone warrior confronts a sinister power from beyond the stars -forced to stake his very survival on the aid of his companions: a soaring eagle, a fearsome tiger, and two cunning, quick ferrets.

“An elemental epic told with color, verve, and sparkle!”
-Ed Greenwood, author of the Forgotten RealmsĀ®

“,.. thrilled me with every twist and turn!”
– Patrick Wachsberger, President of Summit Entertainment (Twilight Saga)

“A phenomenal continuation of the Beastmaster story!”
-Mario Kassar, executive producer of the Terminator movies